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"There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going"

I was lost behind an array of bookshelves containing written works that were waiting to be read.

Happy Studying.

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Hyundai Card Travel Library - Wonderwall

This amazing library and cafe interior in South Korea is a celebration of fractured geometry and irregular forms. It has been designed to communicate the diversity of both the information it exhibits and the people who visit it; a point that is partially accentuated by the collection of chairs sourced from around the world that line the table in the cafe area… envisioned by its designers as the spot where people meet and cultures collide. The staircase that jaggedly winds its way up the centre of the space is fantastic too. 

See more at: ArchDaily

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This site has great concept doodles for each type’s cognition process

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Power Naps are a great way to boost your energy in the middle of the day!

If you are feeling drowsy and tired and still have a ton of homework to do, take a 20-30 minute power nap! It doesn’t take too much time and helps increase productivity

1. They are most effective if they last 15-20 minutes;
2. They are good of alertness and motor performance
3. BETTER than caffeine. Caffeine just postpones your fatigue, while power naps actually get rid of it. 

Best time of day to take a nap: 1-3 p.m. If taken after 4 p.m., you may disturb your sleep at night. 

Sources + More Info: 1, 2, 3

Happy napping! 

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